Children's Theatre Laboratory

Would your child love to immerse her/himself in creativity, imagination and to act along with other children sharing the same interest?

The Children's Theatre Laboratory offers not only regular classes at Odin Teatret every Tuesday afternoon but also ongoing workshops for both younger and older children. While playing and having fun, the children will investigate and explore existing as well as newly discovered techniques, different approaches to art of acting and forms of expression. Examples include: Work with scenic interpretation through Indian martial art with sticks, circus acrobatics, step dance, African drums, mime, shadow games or something completely different! The children will also practice improvisation and theatre sports and be encouraged to contribute with their own ideas.

Short presentations will be arranged at the end of each class. (See programme for 2019 below)


Theatre is not just about "being seen on stage". Theatre is more importantly about collaboration, about allowing space for each other, about communicating feelings and imagination through creativity and presence. It is also about giving children a unique opportunity to be inspired by talented international artists within a framework where nothing is "wrong".

The children will be guided by dramaturg Anna Marie Houe together with guest teachers in exploring different ways of expression and art forms. The weekend workshops are hosted by guest teachers from a variety of artistic backgrounds, traditions and cultures.


The Children's Theatre Laboratory is a collaboration between Danish Talent Academy and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. Together we create new opportunities for the children and youths of Holstebro to actively explore culture by participating and co-creating. Theatre is just one of the cultural areas in which you can dive in.

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Programme 2019


Theatre School for Children
every Tuesday from 19 February - 11 June  2019 (both days incl.).

In addition there will be a few practice and presentation days.

Theatre Children 1 (ages 8 - 10): 16:00 - 17:10 hrs

Price: 640 kr. - click here to book 

Theatre Children 2 (ages 10 - 13): 17.45 – 19.15 hrs.
Price: 720 kr - click here to book 


Place: Odin Teatret - Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Særkærparken 144, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark