Pure and applied research


Since it came into existence in 1964, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret has developed three fields of action: artistic, pedagogic and research. Besides achieving autonomous results, these fields have continuously interacted with each other.

The areas of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret devoted to research are:
ISTA, The International School of Theatre Anthropology;
UET, The University of Eurasian Theatre;
CTLS - Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies;
OTA, Odin Teatret Archives.

Moreover, a range of projects, initiatives and activities take regularly place: Gender Studies within the Magdalena Project, Transit Festival and The Open Page journal, symposiums and publications on the transmission of embodied techniques and Tacit Knowledge, etc.) in which artistic creation, pedagogic practice and research merge. This fertile and intermediary zone corresponds to what in natural sciences is called applied research.

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ISTA, International School of Theatre Anthropology, was founded in 1979. Conceived and directed by Eugenio Barba, it is based in Holstebro, Denmark. ISTA is a multicultural network of performers and scholars giving life to an itinerant university whose main field of study is Theatre Anthropology.

Eurasian Theatre

Since the first session, in collaboration with the University of Bologna in 1990, the University of Eurasian Theatre addresses a wider spectrum of participants, stretching from beginners in acting and directing, university students and scholars, to theatregoers who are interested in the secrets of the craft.


The Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies is the result of more than 30 years' collaboration between Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (which is the umbrella organisation for Odin Teatret and all its activities), and the Department of Dramaturgy of the Institute for Aesthetic Studies, at Aarhus University.

Odin Teatret Film

In 1971 Torgeir Wethal, one of the founders of Odin Teatret, started Odin Teatret Film to produce films and documentaries such as: pedagogical films on training and work demonstrations; documentaries on Odin Teatret's journeys, barters and encounters with other cultures; films and videos of Odin Teatret's performances; documentaries on the work sessions of ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology).

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Writings by Eugenio Barba, Odin Teatret actors as well as writings by others about Odin Teatret.

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Icarus Publishing Enterprise

Odin Teatret (Denmark), The Grotowski Institute (Poland) and Theatre Arts Researching the Foundations (Malta) have created Icarus Publishing Enterprise whose purpose is to present in English texts by artists and scholars about the practice and vision of theatre as a laboratory.

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Odin Teatret's Publishing House

Since its foundation, Odin Teatret has made a point of presenting in Scandinavia the visions and working methods of the theatre reformers of our century, as well as those of the past and of other cultures.

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