The University of Eurasian Theatre

In 1990, in collaboration with the University of Bologna, ISTA established a new activity: The University of Eurasian Theatre. Since then sessions have been held in different Italian cities. The University of Eurasian Theatre addresses a wider spectrum of participants, stretching from beginners in acting and directing, university students and scholars, to theatregoers who are interested in the secrets of the craft.

When I speak of Eurasian theatre I am not thinking of theatres within a geographical area, but of a mental dimension, an active idea which has inspired the theatre of our century. This concept implies the experiences which for all artists, whatever their cultural origins, constitute the essential points of reference for their theatre practice: from Ibsen to Zeami, from the Peking Opera to Brecht, from the mime of Decroux to Noh, from Kabuki to Meyerhold's bio-mechanics, from Delsarte to Kathakali, from ballet and modern dance to Butoh, from Artaud to Bali theatre, from Stanislavski to Natya Shastra.
We could say that Eurasian theatre represents a common country: that of our craft, of our professional identity. Or else, it is a legacy, that which remains and can be shared equally in the country of transition which is theatre".

Eugenio Barba

The University of Eurasian Theatre carries out periodical activities. These consist of conferences and encounters of a theoretical-practical character.