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Det forandrede Holstebro (in Danish)

Det forandrede Holstebro (in Danish)

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Det forandrede Holstebro. En forandrings- og udviklingshistorie om Holstebro 1945-2017.
Hardernes Y´s Men´s Club, Holstebro (DK), 2017. 151 pages. In Danish. ISBN 978-87-998012-1-3

The purpose with this book is to give a description of the positive change and development in Holstebro since the II World War until 2017. Just after the war Holstebro was a very quiet place with a very high unemployment. In 1953 the Jutland regiment was transferred to Holstebro and in 1958 the first regional development act was adopted, which meant that the state and municipalities could provide support to companies willing to establish themselves in one of the areas of development. In Holstebro, foresighted businessmen, politicians, officials and people understood how to grab and develop the positive opportunities. Therefore, the city council's commitment to culture and education became a crucial determinant brick of urban development and change.