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Eugenio Barba (in English, PB)

Eugenio Barba (in English, PB)

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By Jane Turner

Eugenio Barba
Routledge Performance, Taylor and Francis Group, London and New York, 2019. 174 pages. In English. ISBN 978-0-8153-6420-7

Routledge Performance Practitioners is a series of introductory guides to the key theatre-makers of the last century. Each volume explains the background to and the work of one of the major influences on twentieth- and twenty-first-century performance.

These compact, well-illustrated and clearly written books will unravel the contribution of modern theatre's most charismatic innovators.

Eugenio Barba is the first book to combine: • an overview of Barba's work and that of his company, Odin Teatret • exploration of his writings and ideas on theatre anthropology, and his unique contribution to contemporary performance research • in-depth analysis of the 2000 production of Ego Faust, performed at the International School of Theatre Anthropology • a practical guide to training exercises developed by Barba and the actors in the company.