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The Odin Teatret Archives (in English)

The Odin Teatret Archives (in English)

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Mirella Schino: The Odin Teatret Archives
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group London and New York, UK 2018. 418 pages. In English. ISBN 978-1-138-70398-8

The Odin Teatret Archives presents collections from the archives of one of the foremost reference points in global theatre. _x000D__x000D_ Letters, notes, work diaries, articles and a wealth of photographs all chart the daily activity that underpins the life of Odin Teatret, telling the adventurous, complex stories which have produced the pioneering work that defines Odin's laboratory approach to theatre.
Odin Teatret have been at the forefront of theatrical innovation for over fifty years, devising new strategies for actor training, knowledge sharing, performance making, theatrical alliances and ways of creating and encountering audiences. Their extraordinary work has pushed boundaries between Western and Eastern theatre; between process and performance; and between different theatre networks across the world.