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Corporeal Mime

Corporeal Mime

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Corporeal Mime

Yves Lebreton who is featured in this film was Etienne Decroux's pupil for four years in Paris. He shows, in two parts (Basic Tecnique and Acts and Figures), the training programme of the famous French mime.

At the end of the film Yves Lebreton gives, in the form of short performances, examples of his own subsequent development from Decroux's style into what he calls "Abstract Mime".

Director: Torgeir Wethal
Assistant director: Gisela Pélisson
Photographers: Roald Pay & Peter Berg
Editing: Lizzi Weichenfeldt
Sound: Per Meinersten
Script girl: Åsel Storstein
Actor: Yves Lebreton

Produced by Odin Teatret Film, Denmark, 1971, colour, 86 min.
New editing and digital version by Claudio Coloberti, Torgeir Wethal, 2010

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