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Dressed in White (in English)

Dressed in White (in English)

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Dressed in White

A strolling player arrives in a small village in Southern Italy. She is masked. She always carries her drum with her. She tries to summon the inhabitants. They wonder at her, give her food, but would rather not be disturbed in their work with the tobacco harvest, in their card games or their wedding ceremonies. The children think she moves in a strange way, almost like an animal. Only to the dead in the graveyard, she can tell her story without being rejected. 
The public solitude of the actor's journey is presented lyrically and realistically in this fictional film, whose title is taken from an Italian folk song. 
The character, which Iben Nagel Rasmussen created for the role as town crier, later became a well-known figure in the street and dance performances of Odin Teatret. 

Director, scriptwriter and editor: Torgeir Wethal 
Photographer: Tony D'Urso 
Actors: Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Jan Torp, Odd Ström 
Produced by Odin Teatret Film. 35 min. B/W. 1976 

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