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In Transit - Hidden Directions

In Transit - Hidden Directions

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In Transit - Hidden Directions
From the Transit Festival at Odin Teatret 1992.

Directors explain their processes and principles: women directors who are seeking a new way of working, their own way of working, alternatives for the developing of directors.

This video was recorded during the TRANSIT FESTIVAL, held at Odin Teatret,
1-5 November 1992. The aim of the festival was to investigate new and evolving
ways of directing. Each performance shown was followed by a process explanation in which the director and actors reconstructed and explained how they had worked on the performance. Thus the secret aspects of the work, the hidden directions, the process, was uncovered. 

IN TRANSIT - HIDDEN DIRECTIONS takes extracts from performances,
process explanations and interviews made at the festival.

Production: Vagn Groth and Leo Sykes for Odin Teatret Film and Videograph
Production. 45 min. Colour. 1993.

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