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A performance by Odin Teatret(1993-1997)

A film version of Odin Teatret’s production Kaosmos directed by Eugenio Barba. 

A village in the heart of Europe; doors like walls and walls like doors. Every spring the villagers perform "The Ritual of the Door". The theme of the performance is a common one in mythology and folklore - a man, or a woman, asks to be admitted to the Realm of Happiness, or Salvation. In "The Ritual of the Door" a doorkeeper asks the protagonist to wait. The waiting lasts a lifetime, representing both the richness and waste of existence.

Theatre director: Eugenio Barba
Film director: Peter Sykes
Assistant: Leo Sykes
Production manager: Poul Østergaard
Photographers: Mark Howe
Editor: Peter and Felicity Sykes
Artistic advisor: Torgeir Wethal
Actors: Kai Bredholt, Roberta Carreri, Jan Ferslev, Tina Nielsen, Iben Nagel
Rasmussen, Isabel Ubeda, Julia Varley, Torgeir Wethal, Frans Winther
Co-produced by Statens Filmcentral and Odin Teatret Film supported by Kulturfonden.
83 min. Colour. 1998.
Actors speak in their own language.

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