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The Dead Brother

The Dead Brother

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The Dead Brother
A work demonstration by Julia Varley, Odin Teatret (1992)

The Dead Brother is the performance about how performances are made at Odin Teatret.
The Dead Brother describes the stages of the work, which starting from a poetic text become
‘poetry in space’: the performance.

It presents the different stages of the process in which text, actor and director interact. It
shows the first steps of how the actor creates her own stage presence to the last step in
which the text, through the form and precision of the actions, acquires rythms and density of

The spectator’s energies can then dance, mentally and sensorially. The unrecognised
creator in theatre is the spectator.

The Dead Brother is a work demonstration where the ‘miracle of fresh water’ is explained
with a succession of chemical formulae and then presented in the moment in which the elements can no longer be separated and explained, but only experienced.

Actor and text: Julia Varley
Production: Claudio Coloberti for Odin Teatret Film. 68 min. Colour. 1993.

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