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Traces in the Snow

Traces in the Snow

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Traces in the Snow
A work demonstration by Roberta Carreri, Odin Teatret (1989 - )

Every performance tells a story. The characters belonging to the world of fiction become credible reality for the spectator thanks to the actor’s technique.

In TRACES IN THE SNOW, it’s the technique itself which becomes the protagonist. The actress carries on a dialogue with the secrets which precede and follow the building of a character and the creation of a performance - and in the process, she exposes these very secrets. 

The tension which is characteristic of all drama is also present in this performance/work  demonstration, due to the confrontation between the actress’ two forms of behaviour: daily and scenic.

Video director and editor: Torgeir Wethal
Producer: Dimitris Vernikos
Actor and text: Roberta Carreri

Co-production: Document Films, Athens and Odin Teatret Film. 99 min. Colour. 1994.
Supported by Kulturfonden.
In English with subtitles in Danish, Italian and Spanish


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