Ikarus Stage Arts is an international group and a cultural platform of theatrical research.

It is directed by Carolina Pizarro and Luis Alonso, both of them members of the Odin Teatret ensemble, and part of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in Holstebro, Denmark. Members of Ikarus Stage Arts are all professionals coming from different performing disciplines and backgrounds.

The repertoire is incredibly diverse, including street shows, parades, performances, theatrical concerts and stage. Ikarus Stage Arts has participated in numerous events and festivals in Europe, Asia and America, addressing all sorts of audiences.
Alongside their creative activities, Ikarus Stage Arts organises a wide range of research projects for professional artists, as well as meetings that seek to enable social inclusion and development through performing arts.

“We want to develop and amplify our creative abilities in order to have a positive influence in our society through art, and to create an international network, regardless of  language, age and cultural differences, in order to bring performing arts closer to people who are not usually in contact with performing arts”.

Carolina Pizarro – director of Ikarus Stage Arts