A caravan of staggering artists who arrive dancing from an unknown place to present their unpredictable and grotesque fair. Among them we could find a dwarf violinist, a giant poet, a bearded woman and a snake man, a monstrously fat woman and an impoverished aristocrat, an elephant man and a tamer of fleas, body builders and Siamese ballerinas, a limping cyclist and a swallower of knives.

A circus without a tent invades streets and squares, beaches and fields with an explosive and delirious energy. The staggering artists speak an incomprehensible language, yet tell universal epics. As suddenly as they arrived, so they mysteriously disappear playing and singing.

Dramaturgy and directing: Pierangelo Pompa

Actors: Mbalou Arnould, Alex Beraldin, Niels Christian Brinth, Cécile Brosed, Alessandra Cappuccini, Mateo Çili, Elvira Hsissou, Thea Kirk, Lotte Kramer, Olivier Marchepoil, Sara Moscardini, Alice Occhiali, Giulia Pera, Valerio Peroni, Maria Ridder, Alessandra Salvoldi, Barbara Tholozan.

Music: based on traditional and modern melodies, arranged and performaed by the ensemble


Altamira Studio Teater in collaboration with the participants of the international workshop The Staggering Circus is coproduced with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

Premiere: August 2014