In a country existing with no army for more than 50 years, Greta has a dream that she holds inside as fiercely as her virginity: to become a soldier-woman. In order to make it real she secretly performs a desperate attempt: she wants to get accepted into the body of the "Civil Guard". Apparently, she is listened to and understood by the police chief, Ramon. But he is a rather corrupt man. The young girl is just overwhelmed by a swarm of words that make her believe that a true interest comes from the man, and she trusts him. Nevertheless, Ramón will take her by force, as in a ritual sacrifice.

Are these roots of a "happy past that has produced unhappy people" to bring Greta to the end? Crushed by the memory of a lost and sincere time.

Only at the end the play will reach the conclusion that gets a genius tone, that of a revolution.
The revolution of "the different", the last possibility to resist, albeit unnecessarily, to the barbarism that is approaching. So Greta ransoms her lost dream of becoming a soldier; without complaining she greets herself and the things she has lost along the way, although with a deep wound in her heart.


Dramaturgy & Direction
Giuseppe L. Bonifati

Zingonia Zingone

Alberto Martinez Guinaldo
Lide Martinez Abaigar

Lights & Sound
Giuseppe L. Bonifati