Kroppens Minder

- a poetic theatre performance of Váli Theatre Lab in collaboration with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

in the past year
they became many
who did not dare, would or could
- wait and see

Our body remembers, our body is memory. Our entire life is written in the lines of our hands and in the light of our eyes, moreover the history of those who preceded us, of those we never met before, of our forebearers, it's secretly held in ourselves. Sometimes is not our mind but our body that reminds.Awaken the physical memories to give voice to what has been forgotten.

Get in touch with other bodies and together create a concert of souls that share experiences pointing towards a common story.

The body remembers is a poetic performance about memories.  Grandmothers' and Grandfathers' stories from italian culture will take life in alternation with poem and texts from the book “Birgits hverdag”  of the danish author Birgit Bernstorff Nielsen.

Everydays lifes from the past of this two european country will take life in the bodies and voices of 10 actors coming from Denmark, Italy and France. 

The actors will bring the audience in a common place where childhood, love and death, solitude and elderly are living together.

Stories and memories will become mirrors that open forgotten doors inside all human beings.





A performace by
Vali Theatre Lab
in collaboration with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

Directed by
Alice Occhiali and Valerio Peroni

Marco Bellomo
Nathalie Cariolle
Giulia De Luca
Elisa De Titta
Oriane Hours
Jon Lehmann
Giulia Nemiz Gregory
Mattia Parrella
Dafne Rubini
Diana Simonelli