Odin Teatret's House Orchestra

ODIN TEATRETS HUSORKESTER - (Odin Teatret's House Orchestra)


Odin Teatrets Husorkester is a musical ensemble made up of actors and other members of Odin Teatret's staff, whose repertoire of folk and rock music gives special emphasis to Danish, Brazilian and Argentinean music. Odin Teatret's Husorkester presents concerts of variable duration, from one song to a complete programme of one hour, in the different places where it is invited. The programme is at times accompanied by tango dancing for a "Tango Evening", and by poetry reading by Ulrik Skeel for evenings especially intended for Danish audiences. Odin Teatret's Husorkester is a permanent fixture at the Poetry on a Thursday evenings in Holstebro.


Odin Teatret's Husorkester musicians:

Jan Ferslev, guitar, vocals

Elena Floris, violin

Pelle Henningsen, bass guitar

Rina Skeel, vocals

Frans Winther, violin, viola


Odin Teatrets Husorkester can perform with 2-3 musicians or with the full ensemble according to the situation. It also often collaborates with other musicians and musical ensembles.