The Whispering Winds in Theatre and Dance


The performative civilisation of European origin suffers from the division between theatre and dance, almost as though these were different universes of expression. They are, in fact, a single world which develops into distinct genres and yet is rooted in the experience of how to let the performer's body-mind become scenically present.

Instead of "theatre" and "dance", we can talk of "deep dance" and "evident dance". "Deep dance" is typical of the scenic forms which do not appear to be danced; "evident dance" sometimes separates itself from every mimetic or narrative criterion in order to present itself as a pure expression of physical dynamism.

All performance, however, is dance at its physical and mental roots. A dance of energy and thought.


Actors: Roberta Carreri, Tage Larsen, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Julia Varley

Musicians: Kai Bredholt, Jan Ferslev, Elena Floris

Directed by Eugenio Barba

First performed: 1997

Duration: 90 min. 

Performing Next

August 2019 in Holstebro, Denmark


Countries & Places

Denmark (Holstebro)

2017: Denmark (Holstebro)
2016: Cuba (Havana); Denmark (Holstebro)
2015: Colombia (Bogotá); Denmark (Holstebro)
2014: Denmark (Holstebro); Poland (Wroclaw); Venezuela (Caracas)
2013: Italy (Rome); Uruguay (Montevideo)
2012: Denmark (Copenhagen, Holstebro); France (Paris)
2011: Colombia
2010: Costa Rica
2007: Bosnia Herzegovina
2005: Denmark (Holstebro); France (Paris); Italy (Milan)
2004: Hong Kong R.O.C., Italy

International Festivals

FIDAE - Festival Internacionales de Artes Escénicas, Montevideo, Uruguay (2013)
VIII Festival de Teatro de Cali, Colombia (2011)
Festival Internacional de las Artes in San José, Costa Rica (2010)
International Theatre Festival MESS in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina (2007)

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