Death feels lonely
A ceremony for the Chilean actress Marí­a Cánepa.

Three hundred steps in few instants.
Stone skin on my head.
The dead and the transparent flies -
what are they? And what do I matter?
Maybe death doesn't take everything away.

These verses by the Italian poet Antonio Verri sum up the performance. The British actress Julia Varley evokes her meeting and friendship with the Chilean actress Marí­a Cánepa. Death itself celebrates the creative fantasy and dedication of Marí­a, who was able to leave a trace after her departure.

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30 March 2019 in Holstebro, Denmark »

August 2019 in Holstebro, Denmark 



Julia Varley

Text: Odin Teatret and quotes from Gonzalo Rojas and Pablo Neruda
Assistant Director: Pierangelo Pompa
Directed by Eugenio Barba

Languages: Italian. English and Spanish
Duration: 60 min. (without a break)

First performed: 22 October 2012, Holstebro, Denmark

Countries and Places


2017: Denmark (Holstebro); Hungary (Budapest); Italy (Trento); Romania (Timișoara)
2016: Brazil (Brasilia, Recife); Cuba (Matanzas, Pinar del Ró­o); Denmark (Holstebro); India (Bagalore); Indonesia (Bali - Gianyar); Italy (Novara); Norway (Oslo)
2015: Brazil (Goiãnia); Denmark (Holstebro)
2014: Cuba (Santa Clara); Denmark (Holstebro); Ecuador (Quito); Italy (Lecce, Rome); Venezuela (Caracas)
2013: Brazil (Londrina, Presidente Prudente, Rio de Janeiro, Santos - São Paulo); Cuba (Havana, Santa Clara); Denmark (Holstebro); Germany (Bielefeld); Italy (Bologna, Fara Sabina, Padova, Rome, San Venanzo); Spain (Madrid)
2012: Argentina (Burnos Aires, Mendoza); Brazil (Brasilia); Chile (Santiago); Denmark (Holstebro); Italy (Monte Castello di Vibio - Perugia); Uruguay (Las Piedras)

International Festivals

Encontro de Atores Criadores IX ediedição, Goiãnia, Brazil (2015)
Festival Tiempos de Magdalena, Quito, Ecuador (2014)
Finestre sul'uomo - Teatro (2012)


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