Doña Musica's Butterflies


Doña Musica's Butterflies is a performance about identity, which the protagonist defines as a tendency to exist. It is the story of a character who has escaped from a performance - Kaosmos - and tells of her origins and adventures in terms of entomology, through theories of modern physics and with poems and tales from other times.

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25 March 2019 in Holstebro, Denmark »

August 2019 in Holstebro, Denmark 


Julia Varley

Text and Scenic Space: Julia Varley
Musical Arrangement: Jan Ferslev, Frans Winther
Lighting: Knud Erik Knudsen
Directed by Eugenio Barba 

First performance: September 1997, Holstebro, Denmark

Countries and Places


2017: Denmark (Holstebro); Italy (Fara Sabina)
2016: Denmark (Holstebro)
2015: Denmark (Holstebro)
2014: Denmark (Holstebro); Italy (Rome); Venezuela (Caracas)
2013: Denmark (Holstebro)
2012: Brazil (Brasilia); Denmark (Holstebro); Italy (Ortona)
2009: Brazil; Peru
2005: Great Britain
2004: Italy

International Festivals

FLIPT Festival, Fara Sabina, Italy (2017)
Encontro de Mujeres Creadoras
, Lima, Peru (2009)