Dedicated to Eik Skaløe

Iben Nagel Rasmussen tells of the years preceding her arrival at Odin Teatret, years of hitchhiking round the world, of music and poetry, of political radicalism and drugs. It is her story and that of Eik Skaløe (the first beat poet to sing in Danish, who committed suicide in India in '68) and of their generation. 

Some fragments of the actress's previous performances are interwoven, not as quotations and examples, but as revealing metaphors: the mute Kattrin from Brecht's Ashes, the wandering shaman from Come! And the Day will be Ours, the Trickster from Talabot.


Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Jan Ferslev, Kai Bredholt

Text: Iben Nagel Rasmussen
Text Montage and Directing: Eugenio Barba
Musical Arrangement: Jan Ferslev and Kai Bredholt

First performed in 1991.

Duration: 60 min. (without a break)

Thank you to
Klaus Tams for helping with the masks.
Tom Nagel Rasmussen for the song Herunder aften.

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium,
Teatro Potlach

Supported by Teaterrådet

Countries & Places



2019: Denmark (Holstebro, Idom)
Chile (Antofagasta); Denmark (Holstebro, Højbjerg)
2017: Denmark (Holstebro, Aarhus)
2016: Denmark (Holstebro, Vestervig); Norway (Oslo)
2015: Denmark (Holstebro)
2014: China (Shanghai); Denmark (Holstebro, Nykøbing Falster); Poland (Wroclaw); Venezuela (Caracas)
2013: Denmark (Holstebro, Viborg)
2012: Denmark (Holstebro, Roskilde); Italy (Rome)
2011: Denmark (Holstebro)
2010: Denmark (Holstebro); Italy (Milan); Macedonia (Skopje); Mexico (Guanajuato)
2009: Denmark (Holstebro, Ry); Spain (Valencia)
2008: Brazil (Brasilia); Denmark (Ringkøbing, Holstebro); Mexico (Mexico City); Spain (Seville)
2007: Denmark (Holstebro, Copenhagen); Spain (Madrid); Italy (Abruzzo); Czech Republic (Prague)
2006: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro); Denmark (Hvidbjerg, Holstebro); Ecuador (Guayaquil, Quito)
2005: Italy
2004: Italy

International Festivals

Identidades Festival Internacional de Artes escénicas en el desierto de Atacama, Chile (2018)
Aarhus Festuge
- Bridging (2017)
International Theatre Festival MOT, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (2010)
20th Mostra Internacional de Mim, Sueca, Valencia, Spain (2009)
XII Festival Internacional Madrid Sur, Spain (2007)
IV Rocca Festival, Rocca di Mezzo, Italy (2007)
IX Festival Internacional de Teatro Experimental FITE-Q, Quito, Ecuador (2006)


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