A female odyssey. A woman travels from one Mediterranean island to another in search of a loved one who has disappeared. A phantom accompanies her in a dance which brings her closer to an awareness of a definitive absence.

Based on the short story Letter in the Wind from Si sta facendo sempre piú tardi (It is getting later and later), a novel in the form of letters by Antonio Tabucchi.

Performing Next:

22 November in Napoli, Italy »

27-28 March 2019 in Holstebro, Denmark »

August 2019 in Holstebro, Denmark 

Roberta Carreri, Jan Ferslev 

Music: Jan Ferslev
Scenic space: Antonella Diana and Odin Teatret
Costumes: Odin Teatret
Light designer: Jesper Kongshaug
Graphics: Marco Donati
Assistant director: Raúl Iaiza
Literary adviser: Nando Taviani
Scenic Adaptation and Directing: Eugenio Barba

First performed in 2002.

Language: Italian or Spanish
Duracion: 60 min. (without a break)


Fondazione Pontedera Teatro, 
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium Odin Teatret, September 2002.

Thank you to

Thomas Bredsdorff, Knud Erik Knudsen, Raphaëlle Doyon, Kaj Kok and Nathan Meister.

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2017: Denmark (Holstebro); Hungary (Budapest); Romania (Timișoara)
2016: Denmark
(Holstebro, Copenhagen)
2015: Denmark (Holstebro)
2014: China (Beijing, Shanghai); Denmark (Holstebro); Poland (Wroclaw); Spain (Valladolid)
2013: Denmark (Holstebro)
2012: Denmark (Holstebro); Spain (Madrid)
2011: Colombia
2010: Taiwan R.O.C.
2009: Bulgaria, Denmark
2008: Denmark, Romania, Ukraine
2007: Denmark, Italy, Kosova, Montenegro
2005: Brazil, France, Italy
2004: Italy, Spain
2003: Bosnia Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Sweden
2002: Denmark, Italy


International Festivals

CPH Stage, Copenhagen, Denmark (2016)
VIII Festival de Teatro de Cali, Colombia (2011)
Taiwan International Festival, Taipei, Taiwan (2010)
ITF - International Theatre Festival Varna Summer, Bulgaria (2009)
SITF - Sibiu International Theatre Festival 15th edition, Romania (2008)
World Launch of Black/North SEAS in Odessa, Ukraine (2008)
Kosova Infest - International Theatre Festival in Prishtina, Kosova (2007)
FIAT - Festival of International Alternative Theatre in Podgorica, Montenegro (2007)
FILO - Festival Internacional de Londrina, Brazil (2005)
360° International Theatre Meeting in Bielefeld, Germany (2003) 


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