Workshops & Masterclasses

Thinking in Actions
Eugenio Barba & Julia Varley

Dance of Intentions
Roberta Carreri

The Performer's Presence
Jan Ferslev

The Rhythm of the Performance and the Actor's Music
Frans Winther

Relationship Between Text and Physical Action
Tage Larsen

The Echo of Silence
Julia Varley

Composition, Improvisation and the Creative Process
Else Marie Laukvik

Sticks & Stones
- a process in search of hidden meanings
Donald Kitt

Movement of the Energy Within
Carolina Pizarro

Singing and Dancing with the Wind
Elena Floris

The Glacier's Whisper
Julia Varley

Dynamics & Coordination
Carolina Pizarro & Elena Floris

Odin Week Festival
Odin Teatret Ensemble
Held annually in Holstebro, Denmark

Feats of Performing
Donald Kitt & Carolina Pizarro
Held annually in Holstebro, Denmark

Photo to follow...

Theatre Project Ikarus
Carolina Pizarro & Luis Alonso
Held annually in Holstebro, Denmark