Feats of Performing. A Journey into Hidden Meanings

WORKSHOP for actors, dancers and musicians, held annually at Odin Teatret in Denmark during 3 weeks of January and conducted by Donald Kitt and Carolina Pizarro.

The workshop will begin every day with physical and vocal training.

We will concentrate on exercises developed by Odin Teatret using sticks as a tangible force as well as the principles of Kalaripayattu to focus on the performer's dynamic centre (core).

The afternoons will be devoted to the creation of material inspired by the training and by our proposals, and we will work on codification, organicity, rhythm and repetition.

The workshop is conducted by Donald Kitt and Carolina Pizarro.

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For: 20 active participants 

A healthy body (no injuries)
Clothing suitable for physical work
No prior experience is required.
Each participant must have two texts of 10 lines learned by heart, a song and a costume item. Participants are welcome to bring a musical instrument that they are proficient in.

You can find current workshops open for application in the Calendar here.

[In Calendar select "Type", then tick the box for "Workshop"] 

The workshop can be conducted in English, Italian and Spanish. For other languages it is necessary for the organiser to arrange the assistance of a translator.

The workshop is held annually in January at Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark.

If you are interested in participating, sign up for our Newsletter (at the bottom of this page) or apply when you see the workshop advertised in the Calendar.

You can also contact Donald (dk@odinteatret.dk) or Carolina (carolina@odintetret.dk).

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Contact, tours and prices ...

Odin Teatret's repetoire includes productions with the whole ensemble (11-14 actors), productions with fewer actors, solo performances and performances/work demonstrations. 

The repertoire includes indoor and outdoor performances, shows for an audience of 50 spectators to 400 spectators, shows for a stage or black box rooms, and for spectators sitting frontally or around the space. 

Odin Teatret tours can go from the simple presence of one actor for one day to a complex simultaneous programme of pedagogical, artistic, social and research activities. 

Prices are calculated in working days (workshops, lectures, film showings, performances) and are adjusted in accordance to the length and span of a project. Prices for multicultural productions with Odin Teatret and Theatrum Mundi performers are established for each proposal.

For further information please contact

Odin Teatret: odin@odinteatret.dk  or 
Tour Manager Anne Savage: anne.savage@odinteatret.dk